4 anledningar till varför du behöver en Welify Nackmasserare

4 reasons why you need a Welify Neck Massager

Do you often get a headache after sitting for a long time in front of the computer? Do you have problems with muscle tension that makes your neck stiff? The body must endure throughout life and some parts are more exposed to strain than others, for example the back and neck.

Despite this, we often neglect simple things such as working position, posture and recovery, which can cause pain to easily occur.

But there are many problems associated with sore muscles, grinding headaches and painful stiffness that can be fixed with a smart massage tool - learn more below.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a Welify Neck Massager:

  1. Get rid of muscle tension

Welify Neck massager uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), which means that mild electrical impulses are sent through the skin around the neck, which naturally reduces muscle tension and headaches in an effective way.

EMS provides new oxygen and nutrition to the muscles, flushes out toxins and increases blood flow around the neck and shoulders, reducing aches and pains within just a few minutes.

  1. Get a massage whenever you want

It's luxurious to be able to enjoy a massage and with a Welify Neck Massager you don't even need to make an appointment to get a moment of pleasant relaxation. Treat yourself to a few minutes of massage at lunch or after relaxing on the sofa after a long day at work.

With the Welify Neck Massager, you get an effective neck massage regardless of time and place.

You put it around your neck, choose between 15 different functions, add heat if needed and let it work out your muscle tension. You don't have to visit a naprapath or physiotherapist and can take care of your problems at home in peace and quiet.

  1. Increased relaxation and better sleep

Stress often settles in the body and this can cause pain and make you stiff. Massage has many positive effects on the body and the touch of a Welify Neck Massager calms the body's stressed muscles and massages out troublesome muscle knots.

When you are relaxed in both body and mind, you also sleep better, which in turn has even more health benefits. A good night's sleep makes you more alert and increases performance, which minimizes stress during the day.

  1. More mobility = more freedom

It's never fun to feel stiff and immobile. Pain in the back, neck and other muscles can prevent you from working out, playing with the children or carrying out other everyday activities unhindered.

Welify Neck Massager softens your stiff muscles, preventing the problems from reoccurring. It also facilitates your opportunities to live a freer life without pain.

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