5 steg för att minska stress i vardagen

5 steps to reduce stress in everyday life

Many of us live stressful lives. Everyday life consists of a difficult balance between work, school, family and friends, and ideally you should perform everywhere at the same time.

Being stressed can sometimes almost feel like a part of life - but it doesn't have to be! Here you get 5 good tips to get better at stopping, relaxing and de-stressing.

1. Rest and recover properly

We can cope with stressful periods if we make sure to recover properly in between. If you know you have a lot to do, try to schedule time for rest. Read a book, take a nap, go for a walk, hang out with the family or just sit and breathe for a while.

2. Don't skimp on sleep

A good night's sleep is important, partly for mood, but also to be able to be alert and efficient during the day.

When we sleep, the brain processes impressions, events and information, and if you get a long and comfortable night's sleep, you will wake up more rested and less stressed. Wind down properly before bed, preferably without screens, and keep the bedroom dark and cool.

3. Schedule time for exercise

Physical activity does wonders for both body and brain. You feel fitter, stronger and more relaxed after a training session, blood circulation increases and the brain receives more oxygen, which counteracts fatigue and exhaustion.

Exercise can also combat depression, while improving memory and concentration, ultimately making you less stressed.

4. Make reasonable demands on yourself

Do you say yes to everything, both at work and at home? Then it's time to stop it. If you're always working overtime and still feel like you're not getting anything done, then you have too much to do.

Make a reasonable plan for your working day (and also your free time if necessary) and don't take on more tasks than you actually have time for. It's also perfectly okay to say no to activities, if you feel like you're getting stressed by the thought of fitting one more thing into your schedule.

  1. Treat yourself to some time

You are most important in your life and your health comes first. If you don't take care of yourself, it will also be harder to take care of family and friends.

That is why it is important that you treat yourself to some time, when you can relax, unwind and focus on what is good for you.

A good tip is to include a relaxing neck massage, so that your muscles and joints also relax. Welify Neck Massager uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), which sends mild electrical impulses through the skin, naturally reducing muscle tension and headaches.

A perfect way to relax, while also dissolving muscle knots and other stiffness. The neck massager has several different functions, the possibility of heat and is a very effective aid when winding down.

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