Bli av med muskelknutar i nacken - 5 bra tips

Get rid of muscle knots in the neck - 5 good tips

Neck pain is a common problem, especially for anyone who sits at a computer all day. If you also work from home, it is not certain that you have access to the same ergonomics as in the office, which easily causes pain.

But there are some things you can do in everyday life to get rid of troublesome muscle knots in the neck.

Here you get a small guide with 5 good tips.

1. Think about your posture

If you sit and work a lot during the day, try to think about how you sit. It's easy to start careless with your posture and suddenly you're sitting on the couch with the computer on your lap and your neck way too bent.

To reduce the risk of neck pain, you should preferably have the upper edge of the laptop at eye level, so a good tip is to place the computer on some books on the desk and then use an external keyboard and external mouse.

2. Remember to move

Avoid sitting in the same position and working for several hours. Are you able to get up and work? Also remember to take movement breaks, preferably every hour. Stretch, get some blood circulation and stretch out the neck, back and other parts of the body where you easily get pain.

3. Rest properly

We've all woken up in the morning with a really annoying stiff neck at one point or another. Stress and other tensions affect sleep and make it harder to relax, and you may tense up in your sleep without realizing it. A bad night's sleep can therefore make your neck problems worse, so remember to wind down, relax and try to sleep as many hours as you need.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise makes us fitter, healthier and even happier. The endorphins that are secreted during physical activity are real happy pills, which can make it easier to solve problems or difficult situations at work.

Exercise makes you strong, increases your muscle mass and reduces the risk of you getting body aches. So try to work out and exercise regularly, for a pain-free body throughout life.

5. Soften the neck with massage

There is a lot you can do to prevent pain, but sometimes painful muscle knots occur that are difficult to get rid of. A good tip is to soften the neck with a smart massage tool.

Welify Neck massager uses TENS, which sends mild electrical impulses through the skin, which reduces headaches and muscle tension, completely without side effects.

You place it around your neck, choose between different functions and let it work through and loosen your stiff muscle knots in peace and quiet. Perfect to put on when you relax with a good movie after a long day at work. Smooth, practical and incredibly effective!

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