Därför används TENS inom sjukvården

That is why TENS is used in healthcare

Do you have neck pain? Do you have a stiff back or other problems that you cannot get rid of? Approximately every fifth person in Sweden suffers from some form of ache or long-term pain.

It is especially common to have pain in the back and neck, and many doctors and experts believe that it is due to a lot of sitting in the form of office work.

It's hard to be in pain - apart from the pain limiting you from moving normally in everyday life, exercising, playing with your children and lifting and carrying heavy things, it's common to feel down from prolonged pain.

So you can get help against the pain

Many people who suffer from long-term aches and pains are given different types of painkillers. Treating with massage and heat are also two common methods.

Another option is treatment with TENS, an effective method used daily by physiotherapists, chiropractors and other healthcare providers to counteract everything from stress and fatigue to muscle pain, osteoarthritis, period pain, endometriosis and tension headaches.

What is TENS?

 TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and means that you treat the body with small, electrical impulses.

These impulses block the pain signals in the nerves where you are in pain, and this means that the signal to tell the brain that you are in pain never arrives.

You therefore experience no pain, while TENS helps to strengthen the body's own pain relief through the release of endorphins. The weak, electrical impulses also increase blood circulation in the pain area, which softens stiff and tense muscles.

TENS in healthcare

Many health care providers choose to use TENS as a treatment for pain and aches. A major advantage of treatment by TENS is that the method is completely free of side effects. The small electrical impulses treat the pain immediately without leaving any traces and as a patient you always have full control over the treatment.

Treat your pain with TENS

With a Welify Neck Massager, you can effectively relieve pain and aches in two ways. Through TENS electrical impulses, the pain signals to the brain are blocked, which leads to immediate pain relief, while the Welify Neck Massager strengthens the body's natural system by releasing endorphins at the pain area.

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