Därför är massage beroendeframkallande

Therefore, massage is addictive

Massage is relaxing and can prevent and relieve pain in the body, while massage is incredibly pleasant even for those who do not have any direct injuries or problems.

Treating yourself to a lovely massage session has many benefits, for example you can have a raised immune system, sleep better and improve your performance.

When you get a massage, your body relaxes and you become less stressed, while you get rid of painful muscle tension.

Many people who receive massage regularly may sometimes experience a feeling of not being able to stop.

Turning down a massage is not on the cards and enjoying the nice touch becomes more important than anything else on the calendar. But why is that so?

Well, massage has so many beneficial effects on the body that you subconsciously become a bit addicted.

Here are three factors that can make you addicted to massage:

1. The body's well-being depends on touch and when you get a massage, the substance Oxytocin is released, which relieves pain, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, speeds up the healing of any injuries and reduces stress hormones.

Oxytocin has a long-lasting effect and makes you feel a little extra good after a moment of massage, i.e. the important touch.

2. When you get a massage, you relax your body and mind, which allows you to perform better during the day. Even 15 minutes of massage during a working day can be enough to increase performance.

You get more done and at night you sleep well, partly because you are extra relaxed, but also because you are satisfied with what you have achieved. A feeling that you want to keep, which makes you more than happy to return to the massage.

3. Massage softens muscles and joints and reduces the risk of pain in the body. If you often have problems with troublesome muscle knots or feel stiff and immobile, you can prevent and treat this with the help of massage.

Better mobility makes you feel more alert, stronger and also happier, which can be linked to your willingness to get a massage.

Here's how you can treat yourself to a massage every day:

Do you feel stiff in the neck, do you often get headaches, or do you just want to be able to relax and treat yourself to a massage whenever you want?

Get your own neck massager that softens you instantly! Welify Neck Massager uses TENS, which means that mild electrical impulses are sent through the skin.

TENS provides new oxygen and nutrition to the muscles, and increases blood flow around the neck and shoulders, which reduces aches and pains within just a few minutes.

The Welify Neck Massager has several different functions - you can, among other things, add heat to your massage - and it is also easy to use at any time of the day - in the morning, at lunch or after a long day at work.

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