Fatta bättre beslut i vardagen – 3 smarta vanor

Make better decisions in everyday life - 3 smart habits

Your daily habits determine your health. Here are three five-minute habits that can really change your life for the better.

It is above all our everyday life that determines how good our health is. It means Dr. Rangan Chatterjee who has written the book "Change your life 5 minutes at a time". If we consistently make good choices, we will feel good, both now and in the long run.

Good health simply depends on our lifestyle. For a healthy lifestyle, we need to create good routines and habits. And to succeed in creating the habits, we need to face these in small portions, step by step.

Pause and feel

Here is a suggestion about how you can start the day, pause the day and end the day. Three simple routines for reflection, which need not take more than 5 minutes each, but which can help you make wise choices.

And you, bring in one of these routines at a time. Not all at the same time. Choose the one you think is easiest for you to start with.

Start the day

  • When you wake up and are still in bed. How are you? How do you feel?
  • Get up and move your body: do toe-ups, some campfires and stretch your arms up to the ceiling. How does the body feel?
  • Create a moment of stillness: light a candle, look out the window or at an object you like. How does bud & soul feel?

Break in the day

  • Breathe deep breaths in fresh air. Why not take both a walk and reflection outside – or at least open a window. Feel how the body relaxes. Breathe both in and out through the nose.
  • How does it feel now? What went well this morning? What has gone less well?
  • What is important this afternoon? What do I need to think about and do?

End the day

  • Turn off the TV and technology. Lower the lighting. Light a candle.
  • Sum up the day. Share with your partner, child or friend if possible.
  • Write down three reflections and lessons learned.

Written by SustainChange

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