Ont i nacken – långvarig smärta eller plötslig värk?

Pain in the neck - long-term pain or sudden pain?

Neck pain is a troublesome problem that affects many, both young and old. Neck pain is usually caused by muscle pain, stiff joints or improper loading, often through sedentary work.

Neck pain can be a long-term problem, but it can also appear suddenly - here you will find out more about the causes and treatment tips.

Long-term neck problems

Everyone has a pain in the neck sometimes, especially if we exposed the body to a high load. Neck problems usually go away with time, but sometimes the pain remains and comes back at regular intervals. This type of pain can have several different causes:

  • If you have a sedentary job, for example at a computer, it is common to have long-term neck problems. The neck simply becomes overloaded when it is forced to stay in the same position for an extended period of time, causing tight muscles and pain. Try to take plenty of breaks, and stretch and move your neck as much as you can between any long moments in front of the screen.
  • Stress and anxiety can cause you to have long-term neck problems. Mental illness can also settle in the body and neck. If you're unwell, it's common to walk around with hunched shoulders, which causes stiffness and tense, aching muscles. Setting aside time for stress-relieving activities, rest and recovery, and various types of talk therapy can help you get rid of your neck problems.
  • A herniated disc – when a disc in the back presses on a nerve that causes pain to radiate up the neck – or other conditions, such as osteoarthritis, can cause long-term pain in the neck. Also accidents, whiplash injuries or other types of trauma often cause problems with the neck. Physiotherapy and other movement training is then a way to overcome the neck problems.

Sudden neck problems

Neck pain can also come without warning. Common causes of sudden neck pain are:

  • Neck lock - a common problem that most people have encountered. Neck stiffness is often caused by muscle spasms or locking in the joints around the neck and is due to sudden movements, stretching or awkward body positions, such as sleeping awkwardly. Cervical stiffness makes it difficult to move your neck and sometimes you may need painkillers to be able to move normally.
  • Sudden neck pain can also be due to throat infections and swollen lymph nodes.

Neck stiffness and other types of sudden neck pain usually go away on their own after a few days of rest, but there is a lot you can do on your own. The Welify Neck Massager is a massage tool that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and TENS.

The massage tool sends mild electrical impulses through the skin, which reduces muscle tension and counteracts stiffness, which is perfect for sudden neck stiffness.

You place it around your neck, choose between different functions and let it dissolve stiff muscle knots in peace and quiet. Welify Neck Massager also strengthens the body's natural pain relief system by releasing endorphins at the pain area.

This provides effective and long-lasting pain relief, so that the risk of the pain returning is reduced. A good option for those who suffer from long-term neck problems.

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