Ta hand om din hjärna – Så gör du

Take care of your brain - That's how you do it

The brain is the body's most advanced function. But for it to work well, we need to do things that the brain likes. Like letting it rest between turns.

Although the brain only makes up 1.2 - 1.5 percent of our body weight, it consumes about 20 percent of all the energy we take in. Therefore, evolution has made the brain an expert at saving energy.

It prefers to avoid performing energy-intensive processes and prefers to do what it is used to. This is the explanation why we all have a built-in resistance to carrying out both new thoughts and change as well as abstract and energy-demanding thinking.

Stress affects the ability to think

A common symptom of stress is that we often lose track. If we are unable to think in longer sequences or carry out demanding reasoning, we become less productive and the quality of the decisions we make are poorer.

Poorer self-control and eating habits When we are stressed, we also have poorer self-control and the ability to control our impulses.

This can mean, for example, that we choose unhealthy food to a greater extent when we are exposed to a large amount of impressions. Some researchers claim that so-called cognitive stress is a contributing cause of the Western world's obesity epidemic.

Keep track of stress symptoms

Different forms of stress symptoms are concentration difficulties, poor memory and spatial awareness, inability to think clearly. These can also be seen as precursors to what happens to us if we become burnt out or depressed.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these symptoms.

The brain likes breaks

For the brain to function well, we need to take breaks during the day. Here the brain can rest and idle.

Sleep, diet and exercise affect brain function, but also what we do and feel in our spare time. Having fun, feeling meaningful and being in nature are things that positively affect our brains.

Meditate more

An excellent exercise for our ability to concentrate is meditation. Emptying the mind and focusing on the here and now has been shown to have positive effects on health, stress levels and ability to concentrate.

Written by SustainChange

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