Welifys Novabelt och Rödljusterapi för Ländryggssmärta

Welify's Novabelt and Red Light Therapy for Low Back Pain

Welify's product, Novabelt, represents one of the latest technologies for managing lower back pain using red light. Here we go through how this product device works and how it uses red light with a wavelength of 650 nm to relieve pain.

What is Novabelt?

Novabelt is a product developed by Welify for pain relief in the lower back. It has been designed as a belt that is worn around the waist. By combining innovative technology with convenience, Novabelt offers a non-invasive method of pain relief.

How does red light with 650 nm work?

The wavelength of light, measured in nanometers (nm), determines the properties of light and its interactions with biological systems. Red light at 650 nm penetrates the skin's outer layer and reaches the underlying tissues.

When this light is absorbed by the body's cells, especially the mitochondria, it can stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is an energy carrier in cells, and increased production can speed up the cell's repair and recovery processes.

How does Novabelt help the lumbar spine?

When Novabelt is used on the lower back, the red light wavelength of 650 nm targets the affected area directly. By stimulating ATP production in the affected cells and tissues:

1. Improves cell regeneration: Increased ATP production can help cells repair themselves faster, which can relieve pain caused by injuries or inflammation in the lower back.

2. Reduced inflammation: Red light can reduce signs of inflammation, which is often one of the main causes of lower back pain.

3. Increases Blood Circulation: Red light therapy can increase blood flow to the treated area, which can help with nutrient supply and removal of waste products.


Welify's Novabelt takes the benefits of red light therapy and packages them into a portable, easy-to-use device specifically designed to manage lower back pain.

Using red light with a wavelength of 650 nm, it can effectively stimulate the body's natural repair mechanisms, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation to relieve pain.

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