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Why should I buy a Welify Neck Massager?

In short, to make you feel better in your everyday life. Stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders are very common, especially today when many people work at home and don't move as much as before corona. Many of our customers also have ailments such as osteoarthritis, old whiplash injuries and herniated discs, which create problems in everyday life. Acquiring a neck massager is an effective way to counteract these problems.

Our customers say that the neck massager not only counteracts stiffness and pain in the neck, but also migraines. When muscles in the head and neck become tense from stress, tension headaches are created. By softening the neck, you also relieve the annoying headache. In addition, the massage is incredibly nice!

Is this a regular massage pillow?

The Welify Neck Massager is not an ordinary massage pillow but uses electrical stimulation to soften your neck, which is often used for treatment by naprapaths and orthopedists.

How do I use my Welify Neck Massager?

In the box you get a Welify Neck Massager, a USB charger, a wireless remote control, and an instruction manual. You turn on your neck massager by holding the button on the side of the neck massager for two seconds. You will then hear a beep. You then use the control to adjust heat, massage mode, and intensity. Moisten the neck with a little water for best effect.

The control has four buttons, (1) heat, (2) massage mode (3) higher intensity (4) lower intensity. Each massage mode has 15 intensity levels. You can e.g. choose to turn on heat, massage mode 1 at intensity level 10. You can also choose to only have heat on without any massage activated.

How often should I use the neck massager?

We recommend that you use your neck massager between 5-30 minutes a day. This is enough to enjoy the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation. Smooth, simple, and fast! Your Welify will turn itself off after 15 minutes.

How is the neck massager charged?

The neck massager is charged via the included USB cable. You plug the USB end into the same wall socket that you use for your mobile phone. You connect the other end to one side of the neck massager.

I have started my neck massager but I don't feel anything, is there something wrong?

Make sure your neck massager is charged. Also make sure that there is nothing blocking the skin and plates. Take a small cloth and moisten the neck with a little water. This can help neck massagers get started.

If I'm not satisfied, will I get my money back?

Yes! We're so confident you'll be satisfied that you have 60 days to return it if you're not satisfied. For a refund, it is required that all parts, neck massager, control, charger, and packing box be sent back.

I feel a "tingling" sensation, what should I do?

If you feel a tingling sensation, it may be because your neck is dry, which prevents the metal plates from making contact. Moisten the neck thoroughly with water, wipe the neck clean of dirt, and make sure that the plates are in direct contact with the skin.

How do I make a return?

Does the product not seem to work? Please make sure that you charge the product for 3 hours and that you moisten the neck with water before use. If it still doesn't work or you're not satisfied, CLICK HERE to contact us for a return slip. For a refund, it is required that all parts, neck massager, control, charger, and packing box be sent back. Write your order number and an explanation of why you want to make a return. Thanks!

Does it work for both men and women?

Obvious! The neck massager is elastic and adapts to the size of the neck.

Who can't use Welify Neck Massager?

Use under the following conditions is prohibited:

1. Malignant tumor patients2. Pregnant women3. Pacemaker users4. Patients with metal implants

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